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The wedding finally got underway on New Girl Season 5 Episode 21 and 22. The night before the wedding Cece and Schmidt make the decision to sleep apart from each other. Jess and Cece have a girls night, but Jess is surprised to find a ring in Sam's pocket. Jess instantly believes Sam is going to propose to her and makes the decision that she will say yes if he asks. 

Sam asks to talk to Jess alone, but Jess gets nervous and suggests they should all play a game of True American. Eventually, Sam and Jess find themselves alone and Sam tells Jess he wants to break up with her because he has feelings for Diane. Jess is OK with it because she was going to say no to his proposal. While Sam is leaving, he brings up the fact Jess still has feelings for Nick.

Meanwhile, Schmidt comes up with the idea to go to Portland to convince Cece's mom to come to the wedding. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize until after he is stuck on the plane waiting for take-off that Cece's mom was in California to surprise Cece. 

Schmidt isn't able to make it to the wedding, but tells Cece to enjoy the party for him. They come up with the idea to face time with Schmidt while also enjoying the wedding. When Schmidt gets back, his friends put together a surprise wedding in the loft. 

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New Girl Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

What is this? The last night of drama camp?


I want to thank everyone for an amazing dinner. Special shout out to Winston for a shockingly good toast.