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Cece graduated from Community College and is waiting to hear from a 4 year college.

Jess and Cece are volunteering so people can register to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Schmidt thinks its lame and says if they get five votes he'll vote for Hillary. But if they don't they have to vote for Winston.

Nick and Winston are both now in long distance relationships.

Nick messes up on a phone call and has to have phone sex with Reagan.

Winston helps Nick prepare for his call. He has a closet of costumes for video phone sex. Winston also has video backgrounds to help.

Jess and Cece decide to go door to door to get votes. They end up at a sorority party, and decide to party to get the girls to sign up.

Schmidt goes to the voting center to tell Cece she got into a 4 year college. He ends up staying to organize the center.

Nick gets ready to have video sex with Reagan in a space suit but Aly ends up calling. Aly see's it all before Winston can stop it.

Jess and Cece realize the sorority girls gave them fake names. They decide to rally the girls into voting. The sorority girls get on board but quickly let it be known they are voting for Trump. Cece and Jess abandon ship.

Winston tells Nick he has to have video sex his own way, by reading greeting cards he wrote.

Cece comes cleans and tells Schmidt and Jess she doesn't want to go to a 4 year college.

Schmidt decides to have Jess stand outside the Loft dressed as Trump instead of voting for Winston.

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Paul Ryan 2020.


Melanie Farts, signed five times.