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Schmidt and Cece planned a glam camping trip.

Nick is left home to work on his book. Schmidt tells Nick he loves his book and doesn't give him notes on the next chapter. 

Aly is back and goes with Winston on the trip.

Jess decides to go and bring her new "single club." The "single club" is lead by Robbie (Cece's ex-boyfriend.). The group is determined to stay single.

Nick can't write another chapter after realizing he has no new notes from Schmidt. Schmidt assures Nick his writing is great, but he won't believe in himself, and that is why he can't write.

Winston and Aly can't stop having sex on the trip; they realize after 13 times it might be okay to slow down. 

The single group dismantles when two members begin flirting with each other. Robbie breaks them up, but we start to see sparks between him and Jess.

Jess tries to fight off the feelings even when Cece and Schmidt tell her to go for them. She is still in a weird place after discovering feelings for Nick,

Robbie and Jess sing together at the campfire and its obvious they have feelings for one another. Robbie tells the "single group" about his feelings for Jess; the group of course kicks him out.

Nick gets back into writing his book and accepts he is a talented writer.

Robbie and Jess end up at the same restaurant by mistake; they decide to sit together and talk.


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New Girl Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

Emotionally they may not be available, but socially they are.


I'm about to take Aly to Mount Smushmore.