Doom For Humankind - neXt
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Paul LeBlanc learns that his creation could spell doom for humankind. 

He turns to an FBI agent named Shea, who is investigating what happened to someone close to her. 

The man says that he has been targeted and his car has been hacked, his glucose monitor was hacked. 

At the hospital, he is killed by the machine. 

Paul arrives and tells Shea what he thinks happened. 

Shea does not believe him, but takes him at face value. 

She goes to another state with him to investigate. 

They find out a program called neXt is being tested. 

Shea notices Shean rattling the keys and looks into him. He went from poor to rich in a matter of weeks. 

When she confronts him, we learn that he put a router in the server room and it allowed the A.I. to access the internet. 

Ethan is targeted and the machine gives him the safe key to obtain a gun to deal with the bullies. 

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neXt Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Ethan, I'm your friend and I want to help you.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to become super intelligence. Forget about the killer robots with Austrian accents, forget about Hollywood, this is real life.