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Shea feels the heat when she returns to the office. 

Her boss is mad at the way she left town and helped a multi-billionaire. 

With the net closing in, her boss investigated the team behind closed doors. 

Shea grew concerned when the lights changed and almost killed her and Ethan. 

Ethan later opened up about Iliza telling him to do her dirty work and Shea turned to Paul. 

She told him she knew there was more to the story and they worked together. 

Ethan was sent into the home alone to try to get through to the AI. 

It got personal and told him that his mother and father were splitting up. 

Ethan smashed the machine, but not before the gang managed to get an IP address. 

With everything on the line, Shea and Ty bickered over the way they brought their son into the mess. 

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neXt Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Paul: Here's a burner. Look, the only reason a program like this would self-terminate is to cover its tracks.
Shea: I thought you said it was too big to escape through a router.
Paul: Exactly, so it compressed itself on to a server and had itself shipped out of Zava.
Shea: What, where did you pull that out of?
Paul: It's the only thing that makes sense.
Shea: How does any of this have to do with Ethan?
Paul: It thinks you're a threat. If it can't get to you physically, it will get to you emotionally. It's mob 101.

Paul: Are you sure it spoke to him this morning?
Shea: Yes.
Paul: This morning, this morning?
Shea: Yes.