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Abby brings in treats for everyone on Treat Tuesday.

Gurgs announces that a repeat offender, Vincent Grazziano, is back again for the fifth time in three weeks. Dan wins the betting pool. He asks Abby if she’ll finally throw the book at Grazziano. She thinks there’s something else going on with him and wants to try something before sentencing him. This triggers another round of Dan winning a betting pool.

In the courtroom, Officer Silva brings Olivia a police car beacon as a perk for being a winning prosecutor.

Grazziano enters, charged with not showing up for community service. Abby reveals that using the information he volunteered last time he was in, she had found someone from his youth home in hope that they’ll be able to turn his criminal behavior around.

A priest enters the courtroom and Abby asks him to join them at the front. Father Manny addresses Grazziano as Lorenzo, blowing the undercover cop’s cover.

The team waits outside Abby’s chamber doors discussing the situation. When uniformed police officers exit, they ignore Olivia’s greeting which worries her. They check in on Abby who is mortified that her misstep has cost a cop ten months of undercover prep.

She gets so upset she calls it a night and leaves.

The next day at the cafeteria, Olivia reports that her perks have been pulled. Abby enters and announces that she’s decided to start being a normal judge.

Olivia runs into the courtroom after chasing her car which was being towed. She’s informed by the officers there that no one can park in the red zone. Olivia wants to know how she can fix things with the cops. Gurgs offers to talk to the cops, like an undercover agent.

The first case is one of a Dungeons and Dragons player being drunk and disorderly. Dan tries to give some context, but Abby shuts him down. When she begins to rule on the case, Dan insists she’s making a mistake and she finds him in contempt (twice) and has him arrested.

Neil brings Abby treats he bought at a late night adult bakery in order to revive the tradition she’d begun. Abby tells him Dan has time to focus on his defects of character just like she’s doing now.

Gurgs and Olivia initiate the infiltration operation. Gurgs cozies up with the cops, including the very handsome Officer Grayson. The operation goes sideways right away.

Neil visits Dan down in lockup. He pleads with Dan to pay his fine and come talk to Abby. He lists his concerns about Abby’s behavior. Dan relents when he hears the phrase “defects of character”.

Dan comes to Abby’s chambers. He shares that his late wife was in recovery for many years. He equates Sarah’s need to be of service to others with Abby’s desire to help others. For both of them, coming up against an obstacle to that help weighed on them.

Abby asks about Sarah’s recovery and admits that she is an alcoholic too.

Dan’s clue was the phrase “defects of character” a phrase associated with Step 4 in the AA program.

Abby admits her alcoholism wasted a lot of time she could’ve spent with her father. He always had faith she would get better and she did before he passed so he did see her get healthy.

She says she took the job to feel connected to him and when she messes something up, she feels like she’s failing him all over again.

Dan reassures her that her father would’ve never considered anything she did as a failure. Furthermore, her new co-workers have faith in her as well.

In the cafeteria, Olivia finally confronts the cops directly about them cutting her perks. When they deny she ever had perks, she hauls out her beacon. Officer Grayson introduces her to Detective Richards from IA who has been investigating since the undercover cop was outed. Olivia beats a quick exit.

After court, the team celebrates with x-rated desserts.

Night Court
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Night Court Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Abby: I just think if you show a little compassion, you can put people on a better path.
Dan: Yeah, it all sounds exhausting. It’s all that… caring. [shudders]
Abby: Don’t worry about me, Dan. I’ve always got my emotional support grouch. And your vest came in. I can take you on planes now.

Neil: You did a lot of baking.
Abby: Well, I had to do gluten-free for Laura, gluten-heavy for Timo, and Sandy’s allergic to nuts but wouldn’t say which ones so I had to do six different kinds for him. It’s like Russion Roulette… but yummy.