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On Nikita this week...

- Owen shows up to tell Nikita he needs her help. Owen released video showing US government killing a Chilean president. The government wonders how it got released and a Jr. Analyst Fletcher tells him about his ghost-unit Division. He wants to go to Chile and Percy tells John to let him go and frame him for the assassination. Owen released the video so Division would go into security breach and help them located the black boxes. Owen apologizes for assassinating Nikita’s fiancé.

- Michael finds out that Owen is alive, and Percy tells Michael that Nikita is only working for herself. Nikita gets into the CIA office in Chile with the help of Owen and saves Fletcher. Michael goes to Chile with his team, and Nikita, Owen, and Fletcher flee and get caught by the Army. Division retreated.

- The Army threatens to shut down Division if Fletcher talks. Fletcher and Nikita talks about Divison, and Nikita tells him to find the part of the government that’s working with them so they can take it down. Fletcher agrees, and Owen gives him proof of Divisions existence. Owen and Nikita jump from the plane.

- At Division, Birkhoff gives the recruits as assignment to make an electronic paper trail for the Chilean president. The engineer meets with Percy and Alex is stopped from following them by Jaden. Percy wants Birkhoff and the Engineer to update the boxes wirelessly.

Alex watches Birkhoff and Engineer argue, and finally end up playing video games. Engineer tells Birkhoff that he knows more about the boxes than Percy, and is more control than anyone. Percy kills the Engineer and promotes Birkhoff. Jaden blocks Alex from exiting the hole she entered, and looks through Alex’s room to find the blackmail picture. She doesn’t find the picture, but finds her fingerprint.

- Owen gives Nikita the black box and she destroys it.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Bring your best team. If those two are working together, they're going to be hard to stop.


Nikita: What are you doing?
Owen: I had to make sure you weren't armed. Who was I kidding?