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This week on Nikita…

-Owen walks in on Michael and Nikita. Nikita asks Michael to help her and Owen find the black box guardian. Nikita and Owen travel to London, and Owen tells Nikita about all guardians. Michael tells Nikita that Owen’s regimen withdrawal could be dangerous.

-Owen and Nikita find the vault in London filled with cleaner equipment. The guardian blows up the vault and knows Nikita and Owen are there. Owen goes through withdrawal symptoms, becoming obsessed with his sins. Owens turns against Nikita, determined to reveal the boxes contents.

-Alex deletes Nathan from her known associations on Divisions database. Amanda has Alex debrief Jaden from one of her missions. Jaden reveals Alex’s thumbprint and air vent escaped to Amanda. Amanda puts Alex through a FMRI test, and her lies show, until she talks about Thom. Amanda insists that Michael was in on Thoms mole plan.

-Michael lies to Amanda to protect Alex. Michael also lies to Percy to protect Nikita. Michael decides not to kill Owen for Nikita. Owen tells Nikita he will stay in London and get clean.

-Nikita begins to tell Alex about Michael.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Michael: I need to review some of our internal security protocols. Do you have a moment?
Birkhoff: Not really, though that does sound like a good time.

Michael [to Nikita]: So you'll be in London? With him?
Owen: She's bossy like that. You'll learn.
Michael: I think I know her pretty well.