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We were treated to the following developments on Nikita this week:

- The episode starts out in Uzbekistan, where Michael checks in to a hotel and Nikita shows up after Alex tracks his chip by hacking into medicals computer. She tells Michael she’s not here to mess with his mission. She is there to help him kill a man named Kaseem Terik and tells him it’s a two man op.

- We flashback to 2001 where Michael and Kaseem are meeting and we meet Michaels wife and daughter. They arrive at the base and Kaseem blows up Michaels car with his wife and daughter in it. We see Percy approach Michael for work, and uses Kaseem as his bait, telling Michael he will get to kill him if he works for him.

- Nikita tells Michael that he’s found the reason for being in Division, to find Kaseem and that after this man is dead he is free from his loyalty and reason of being in Division and can join her. Michael tells Nikita that he needs to be the one to shoot and kill Kaseem.

- The medical doctor calls Alex back into the office and tells her he saw the program she looked up in the computer and promises not to tell Percy while he makes advances to her. She stabs him with a needle and takes off. Amanda approaches Alex and tells her that when the doctor wakes up the truth will come out. Alex frames Jaden to use her for her help to get out of her situation with the doctor and the doctor gets taken away.

- Nikita and Michael plot on how to take down Kaseem. Michael sweeps a hotel room while Nikita gets drunk at the bar. Division watches the camera in the hotel and sees Michael working with Nikita. Percy sends out a team with the target being Nikita. The agents arrive to take out Nikita. Nikita takes down the Division team, but Kaseem’s people shoot Michael and take him away.

- Kaseem ties up Micheal and calls his family collateral damage. Kaseem tells his people to get a name of who he works for and then kill him. Nikita comes to save him and Michael goes to find Kaseem, leaving Nikita stranded. Nikita gets Michael busted at the airport before he can kill Kaseem. Percy tells Michael that he will kill Kaseem, and he will be the one to help him.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Nikita: I'm not going to hurt you.
Michael: Really? Because my shoulder still a little sore from when you shot me.

Michael: What the hell are you doing here?
Nikita: Thanks, my flight was lovely. How bout yours? That taxi driver ripped me off.