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This week on Nikita...

- In a flashback, Nikita and Alex visit Nikita’s grave. Nikita explains that Alex’s father was a target of Division, and that when Division burnt down her house, Nikita dragged her out. Alex refuses to believe it. Nikita brings Alex’s ID and information to prove that she saved her life. She gives her money and a new ID to start a new life. Alex goes back to Nikita to tell her she wants to be trained.

- Alex chats with Nikita during an assignment, and Michael visits Percy, who tells him that Nikita and the agent she was with are dead and at the bottom of the river.

- Owen wakes up in Nikita’s safe house and they fight. They talk about Owens plan, and how it wouldn’t have worked and he and Emily would both be dead.

- Alex goes on her evaluation interrogation. Percy joins in on the viewing and they talk about her abilities. The interrogation suspect, who’s really a Division agent, attacks Alex, and Michael soothes her under Percy’s watch. Amanda and Percy consider the two’s interaction.

- Nikita and Owen talk about how Division made them both the same. Nikita describes Daniel and how they wanted to start a family, and how Division killed him before she arrived at one of their vacation houses.

- On the way to an off-site mission, Alex and Thom talk about the kiss being just a kiss. The buss on the way to the mission gets attacked. Alex thinks she gets kidnapped by the brother of the interrogation subject, when really it’s Division overlooking how she handles being abducted. Birkhoff and Michael talk about how long she will last. They do this because Alex wouldn’t electrocute her suspect, so they want her to feel that her enemy won’t have mercy.

- During Alex’s ‘interrogation’, she admits she’s not really a part of Division. Alex tells her story to the ‘interrogator’. Percy is slightly impressed. The ‘interrigator’ tells Alex that Thom is going to be killed if she doesn’t tell the truth. They bring in Thom, who Alex thinks is dead since Division shot him up with serum. They push her to the limit and Alex escaped.

- Owen tells Nikita there’s six more black boxes guarded by other Guardians, who were handpicked by Percy. Owen tells Nikita about his discovery of killing innocent people, and falling in love with Emily and having her taken away from him. Nikita tells Owen that she will stay with him until he heals, and Owen tells her that he’s the one that killed her fiancé.

- Alex calls Nikita to tell her what happened, and Nikita lets her know it was all a set-up. Owen tells Nikita to kill him.

- Michael insists on being the one to pursue Alex, and finds her at the gas station the same time Nikita arrives. Michael takes Alex back to Division and Percy tells Michael that the test wasn’t only for Alex, but for Michael too.

- Michael visits Alex’s dorm and tells her he will protect her, and that they are always being tested. Owen escapes Nikita and goes to Montreal to get the black box. He wants to be on his own.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

That's what Percy does. He destroys the thing you love, so he can get the thing he wants.


Owen: Why don't you just let me go?
Nikita: So you can try and kill me again?
Owen: Yeah.