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This week on Nikita...

- A bank robbery takes place in Montreal while a man, Owen, who took off from Division much like Nikita did, was in the middle of opening a little black box, but was interrupted and and took off. 

- Alex overhears Percy and Michael talking about a trip to Montreal and informs Nikita. Michael and Percy get into an argument as Michael is now questioning everything Percy is going.

- Michael and Nikita find the same information at the same time and Nikita takes off to Montreal and goes into a woman’s house in order to stay near the crime scene and then locates Owen after stealing his mail. Nikita finds Owen and the black box he got from the bank. Nikita and Owen fight, and he sees property of the girl Nikita had contact with, Emily.

- Owen calls Percy and tells him he protected the box over killing her and Percy tells Owen to terminate her on sight next time. Nikita tells Alex to dig up Owen Elliot. Thom starts to suspect Alex and her motives. Alex snatched Birkhoff’s fingerprint and gets into Percy’s office, followed by Birkhoff himself and Michael. Michael makes Birkhoff look up information on Owen, and Alex hears all of the info. Thom catches Alex leaving Percy’s office, and tells her he’ll turn her in if he sees her doing something like that again.

- Nikita shows up at Emily’s house, and Emily reminds her of Nikita’s dead fiancé. Nikita explains to Emily that in Division you cannot have a significant other who’s a civilian and tells her she can save Owen and right before he delivers the box to Owen, Nikita calls Owen and tells him to come to Emily’s house. He shows up and Nikita tells him she wants to save him and Emily from Division. Nikita tells Owen that the block box contains evidence of all of the cases Division has dealt with. The black box is leverage for Percy and he is untouchable with that box.

- Division kills Emily, tortures Owen and Nikita escapes. Owen tells Percy about Emily, and Alex chats with Nikita about Owens information. Alex inserts a recorder into Birkhoff’s pocket and gets a Bluetooth to listen to the conversation. 

- Division has a meeting about the security breach that Birkhoff made up so one of the recruits would take the fall of being in the office instead of himself and Michael. Michael steps him and tells Birkhoff he’ll take responsibility and to let the recruits go.

- Owen escapes from Division’s hold and goes to kill Percy. Nikita stops him because the black boxes will be let into the world and innocent people will die. Owen turns his back on Nikita and they fight, resulting in Percy shooting Owen and causing them to run for their lives.

- Alex goes to Thom’s room to thank him for keeping her cover. Thom kisses Alex and then kicks her out. Nikita saves Owens life and we see him lying in Nikita’s bed recovering.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I go rogue, Percy sicks Michael on me. You get his personal attention.


Nikita: The man could not keep it in his pants if it was tied to his zipper, you know what I'm saying?
Operator: Girl, you're preaching to the choir.