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This week on Nikita...

- The recruits are paired into groups and Michael tells them to chose their enemy and their ally.

- Flashback to Nikita and Alex, in their preparation for her insertion to Division. Nikita tells Alex she might make friends and sympathize for the other recruits. Alex’s team fails due to a younger recruit, Sara, who is scared. Sarah tells Alex she is activated and Alex tells her she will help her prepare. Nikita tells Alex that low-ranking Sarah is being sent on a suicide mission. Sara won’t tell Alex about her mission, and thinks Percy trusts her.

- Amanda and Percy talk about Sara’s mission, and how her vest is filled with remote controlled explosives. Amanda says she was set for cancellation, anyway. Sara goes on her mission and Nikita comes in to save her. Michael learns Nikita is alive. Nikita throws Sara’s vest under a Division van and blows them up. Percy is speechless and Michael is furious.

- Nikita brings Sara back to her house and tells her she’s trying to prevent what happened to her. Nikita gets Sara to a new identity and Sara takes off. She won’t leave and approaches the lawyer that sold her son, who she was forced to give up for adoption. Sara and Nikita escape since Percy orders Michael back to Division.

- Alex talks to Robbie, who believes that Division is good. Robbie sees Division as something that makes his life better. Robbie gets promoted to guard instead of agent, and puts Division in a code black by shooting everyone in sight.

- Sara gets to see her son before starting her new life. Amanda keeps Robbie alive when everyone else thinks he’s dead.

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Nikita Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Alex: Nikita, this girl is worth saving.
Nikita: They are all, Alex.

You have an attachment to things from the past, or things that have passed on. It's ok to miss her, you know? Nikki was one in a million; a force of nature. Like a one woman Michael Bane movie, only with good acting.