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A former Division project, P9, that was thought to have been shut down re-emerges.

Michael, Nikita, Owen and Alex all end up pursuing those behind P9 to stop the program again.

Owen finds answers regarding Regimen.

Nikita, Michael, and Birkhoff agree to work together to bring Division down.

Sean has a heart-to-heart with Alex regarding her relationship with Nikita.


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Nikita Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

As much as I love hosting couples therapy, you guys need to hit Craigslist. You got to the end of the week.


Birkhoff: Hmm. No.
Nikita: No?
Birkhoff: Get used to that sound, baby. 'Cause I'm not joining you on some crusade to take down Oversight. And you are not taking my jet anywhere.