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Amanda steals a Helium-3 Replicator that would revolutionize clean energy using a Division asset. She plans on using it with Ari to take control of Zetrov. Nikita and Michael are determined to stop her. Meanwhile, Percy's Division inside man, Mason, lets him know that Amanda has left Division. Percy gets himself captured by Division. He manipulates the Division agents to follow him instead of Amanda by proving she is betraying them with Gogol. Percy takes control of Division again.

Amanda and Ari's plan is disrupted by Nikita. She steals the Helium-3 Replicator. Alex turns the Zetrov board against Ari and they fire him. Alex sells her shares in Zetrov to the new CEO. Amanda and Ari escape and are out on their own. Ari retrieves the black box he had taken.

Amanda and Nikita each had opportunities to kill the other, but neither follow through. They couldn't do it.

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Nikita Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

And, if you act now, we'll throw in a second replicator free.


She's sleeping with the enemy ... literally.