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Using the bank information Percy gave Alex, when funding her trip to Russia, she goes to the bank and poses as a potential new customer. Nikita and Michael show up to rob the bank and while the manager is distracted, Alex gives Birkhoff access to the bank's computer system. They use this information to track down Percy's money man. In order to figure out where Percy has his money hidden, Nikita convinces Birkhoff to use his $20 million dollars as bait money.


The money man cons Nikita and Birkhoff. He gives their $20 million to Percy to replace some of the money he stole. During the gun fight that ensues, Birkhoff isn't able to pull the trigger and Nikita gets nicked by a bullet. Between his inaction to protect Nikita and losing his $20 million, Birkhoff storms out and leaves the team behind.


Alex takes on Birkhoff's role on the team and tracks down Roan. At the same time, Birkhoff gets arrested hacking. Nikita goes to bust Birkhoff out of jail, while Michael and Alex attempt to get Birkhoff's money back. Nikita successfully gets Birkhoff after a gun battle with Division, but Michael and Alex weren't able to retrieve the money. Instead of letting it get into Percy's hands, they blow up the truck containing the $70 million.


Nikita and Birkhoff have a heart-to-heart and make up. Meanwhile, Percy meets with a mystery man to try and build a new alliance.

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Nikita Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

Sorry, but the Bank of Birkhoff is closed for business.


Birkhoff: Why are you looking at me? No. No. No to the power of no.
Nikita: Birkhoff, come on, haven't you always wanted to bankroll a revolution?