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- A CIA analyst, Naomi, receives information in her mailbox about Madeline Pierce's connection to Division. It's a huge exposure risk for Division that must be contained. Division determines that the leak came from Amanda and that her real target is CIA Director Kendrick. They protect him as he goes to pick up the package, but his car explodes killing him. It was an inside job.


- While pulling surveillance, Birkhoff finds that most of it has been deleted, but one image remains of Sean on his phone. His face was superimposed on another body in order to frame him for the execution. With no motive or other evidence, Sean turns himself into the FBI. 


-Amanda's plan is more elaborate then Division expects. They thought they had a lead when they find the phone used by the real bomber and his fingerprint. Naomi verifies that the same guy was watching her. Nikita and Alex show up at his house and find that Amanda had him "cleaned." With the real culprit dead, Amanda mounts an even more elaborate part of her plan. She fabricated a motive through a military psychologist that Sean went to after his mother's death.  


- Given Amanda's masterful plan, the team consider pulling Sean out just like the old-Division did by faking his death and givng him a new life in Division. Alex says they have to let him make the decision himself. They send in a message through a lawyer and Sean agrees. He attacks the lawyer, shoots himself and he is "killed" with a syringe that Alex swapped out in the FBI medical kit. 


- Naomi is at the FBI office and requests to see Sean. When he dies, she calls in an update ... she's working for Amanda! An unexpected twist. Amanda tells Naomi to get to the body and kill Sean again. She interrupts Nikita and Alex as they are trying to revive Sean. Nikita and Naomi get into an epic fight, which ends when Nikita tosses a knife into Naomi's chest.


- Sean is revived and brought to Division. He wants to call his sisters, but Alex tells him he can't. He's dead. Sean is distraught about the world believing he died a guilty and traitorous man.

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Your mother was a good woman. She didn't deserve to die.


Yes, Alex, the lesson is that every operative is disposable.