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- Birkoff found a way for Michael to potentially get a full functioning hand back. A former Division asset, Heidecker, has the technology to replace a man's amputated leg. He did that for Kosta after a failed US assassination attempt. Nikita decides to go after Heidencker when he goes and checks on his patient.


- Nikita goes to tell Michael her plan, but decides to keep it to herself after finding out that Ryan promoted Michael to oversee Division operations. For the first time, Michael seems happy and she didn't want to give him false hope for a better hand.


- Nikita goes to Kosovo by herself with Birkhoff assisting from Division headquarters. The plan doesn't go as expected and she and Heidecker are captured by Kosta. While locked up, Nikita makes a deal to help save Heidecker again in exchange for help with Michael's hand. Meanwhile, Michael, Alex, and Ryan all find out about Nikita's rogue mission when it goes bad. Michael and Alex take a team to get her out.


- Ryan is afraid of what will happen when the President finds out that Nikita caused an international incident. Birkhoff suggests taking a page from Percy's handbook and get in front of the situation. Ryan calls and asks about what's happening in Kosovo. The President end up asking Division to use the instability to take out Kosta since the CIA failed the previous year.


- Alex kills Kosta and makes it look like his own man did the shooting. The Division team and Heidecker escape, but it doesn't end well. Nikita and Michael find out that Heidecker was kidnapping kids for payment from Kosta. They can't allow that to happen and shoot him. When they get back home, Michael is determined to find out how to get his hand back from the people Heidecker worked for, but Nikita isn't convinced it's a good idea.


- With the success of killing Kosta, the President wants Division to take on active missions and gives them four to look at. The team is hesitant to get back into that business. It strays from the plan to shut down Division and moves towards a slippery slope of what made the original Division bad.

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

What is this guy? A Bond villain?


I don't think I'll ever get the sound of his screams out of my head.