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- Amanda shows her childhood to Nikita through mind manipulation. Amanda had a twin sister. Their father subjected Helen, one of the sisters, to torture to replicate PTSD for his research. He believed that the PSTD memories could be compartmentalized allowing the person to live a normal life. Nikita tries to save Helen in the memories, but wasn't able to when Helen killes her father and then her sister ... Amanda. Division's Amanda is really the tortured sister, Helen. She burned down the family home and took over her sister's identity.


- It's unclear what else Amanda implanted in Nikita's mind. But, the lesson appeared to be that "You can't save everyone." Owen shows up at Amanda's and they escape with the black box. Michael saves Nikita and they return to a devastated Division.


- At Division, Rachel forces Birkhoff to help with new identities for everyone at Division. Once they are handed out, the plan is to let everyone leave and burn down the facility.


- Sean tries to talk sense into Alex to get her to take control back from Rachel. Instead, his comments drive Alex to get Birkhoff to destroy Shadow Walker. She realizes as long as that computer program exists they will never be free. Chris takes Birkhoff to destroy the system, but when Birkhoff says that he is Shadow Walker Chris threatens to kill him. Instead Birkhoff kills the other agent there and knocks out Chris. Birkhoff then locks the system so Rachel can no longer give out identification.


- Birkhoff helps Owen and Michael escape with the black box which contains the names of everyone at Division. Another sticking point for everyone's freedom. During the firefight, Sean was shot and bleeds out internally with Alex by his side. Before he dies, he tries to get through to Alex about Amanda's manipulation.

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