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Sam (Owen) uses Amanda's contacts to set up a bidding war auction for the black box. He has her chained up in a hotel room and plans on killing her after the auction. Back at Division, they have no idea what is going on with the black box since Shadow Net is down until Cyrus shows up with news. He tells them the auction is being held during the G-20 meeting. With no money to bid for the box, they are at a disadvantage. Alex offers her millions to partner with a less wealthy bidder.


Nikita, Michael and Alex head to Toronto to get the box and Amanda. Alex approaches Turkey about partnering in the bidding process. She claims to want the proof that the US killed her family and he can keep the rest of information on the box. While they are in Toronto, the SEALs infiltrate Division. Ryan convinces the President to let them go after the box.


The mission goes bad. In the end, Amanda gets freed by the Germans who won the black box and she escapes with them. Sam stops them and kills the German and shots the box after Amanda got away. The SEAL team tries to kill those left at Division, but they initiated a lockdown to give them more time. Ryan threatens to level the building with all of them in it if the SEALs try to kill them, but that ends up to be unnecessary.  With the box out of play, the President gives them all their freedom.


Division is dead.

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 20 Quotes

Do you understand that if you fail you're friends back at the bunker will pay the price?


Michael: Who's his brother?
Nikita: No idea. I'm sure he deserved it.