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The team is tracking down a rogue former agent, Wade, that has plans to set off a bomb. When they get to his house, they find a young girl in the basement shooting at them. Wade was the Division trainer before Michael took over and he kidnapped the girl, Liza, and trained her to be an operative. One of his trainees failed to complete the kill mission and Wade killed the trainee and was released as a trainer. Wade trained Liza to complete that same assignment. Nikita brings Liza to Division and tries to connect with her through a necklace that Michael found. When Nikita left Liza alone for a few minutes, the girl took out her guard and escaped. She meet up with Wade and moved on to complete the kill mission. With a clue from Liza, Nikita was able to find Liza in time to try and stop her. Using Liza's mother necklace, Nikita was able to convince the girl to stop the bomb. Meanwhile, Michael took out Wade. Nikita and Alex returned Liza to her parents.

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