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Even though everyone at Division has been released, Nikita continues to look for Amanda. She can't let it go and Michael worries that Nikita will never stop wanting to complete missions. Alex, Birkhoff and Sonya stick around to help Nikita. She has a meeting with a contact to get information about the man that saved Amanda and the car was controlled by the Shop. Birkhoff uses that to track the Shop's satellite access, listen to a phone call, and track Amanda.


Nikita convinces Michael to go with her and they go to the location and find out about a new kill switch that is integrated into a person's blood. They believe a humanitarian is a target and have one antidote dose to give to her. While Alex and Michael handle that, Nikita finds Amanda. The humanitarian wasn't the target, it was Michael. His hand transplant included the kill switch contaminate and they were about to waste their only antidote without cause.


Amanda tells Nikita everything was theater, including: the car crash, discovering the satellite, the message, everything was to get her in front of Amanda. She wants Nikita to kill the President of the United States in exchange for Michael's life. Nikita realizes that she can't be with Michael if she goes through with the assassination.It's a no win situation. Amanda warns Nikita that if she tells anyone what she has to do, Michael will be killed.


Nikita returns to Division and tells Michael she wants to get married and asks if he still has the plane tickets. He's thrilled and leaves to make plans. Nikita readies her gun with a silencer.

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Nikita Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Birkhoff: I thought we were done. No more missions.
Nikita: This is the last one.

My most perfect creation.