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Nikita wakes up on the airplane. She was saved by Michael after she passed out in a veterinarian's office. Her injury wasn't severe. She's being blamed for Dale Gordon's death and the explosion. Nikita realizes that it has to be FBI Deputy Director Graham who was responsible. They try to figure out how these high level officials are being controlled.

Ryan suggests that they have been duplicated using the technology that the Shop has developed. They know it's possible. 

Graham puts out information that Nikita has an off-shore account, then sets up an assassination attempt against him which killed Mrs. Graham. Later, the account is tied to Pakistani intelligence through a third party. Amanda and the Shop are trying to start a way.

Alex and Owen (Sam) decide to work together even though there's no trust between them. They both want to make Amanda pay for what she's done. Sonya works to decrypt the scanner. When Alex gets arrested, Owen and Sonya take off. Amanda implies that Alex is being set up to take the fall for funding Nikita's operations.

When Nikita sets up kill Graham in order to set up a DNA test that would prove the doubles are out there. She can't pull the trigger because it will bring about the death of the real Graham. After he finds out his wife is dead, he tells Nikita to kill the fake. Michael ends up pulling the trigger for her.

Amanda's not worried about the DNA test. Plus, she has another asset out there. Who is it?


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