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The CIA interrogates Alex for funding Nikita's supposed assassination of the President. She's a fighter and reminds them all of that's she's endured throughout her life. They give up some of their "evidence" against her, but she doesn't say much to them. Michael and Sam help her break out. They have clues about what the Shop's next move will be.
Ryan gets suspicious of Birkhoff's out of character actions and believes he could be an Amanda plant. Birkhoff starts to admit the truth to Nikita when Ryan pulls a gun on him. Birkhoff isn't who he claims to be. He faked his own death when he was a teenager. The NSA doppelganger is his father.
They use this to their advantage to try and set up Amanda. It goes bad, when Birkhoff's father slips up. Amanda wants to experiment on the NSA man to find out more about Birkhoff. Meanwhile, his son believes Amanda probably killed him.
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