Trapped - Nine Perfect Strangers
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Carmel thinks Masha has always dismissed her. We learn Carmel was the shooter years ago and is the stalker. Masha wants to teach her self-forgiveness.

The Marconi family learned from Lars that Masha wants to travel with them so she can connect with her late daughter, Tatiana.

Carmel is frightened and feels trapped in this purging water treatment.

Zoe walks into the forest looking for Zach. Napoleon keeps hearing an incessant ringing. and banging his head. All of a sudden Zach appears. He tells them to stop blaming themselves.

Frances, Tony, Ben, and Jessica realize their cars are missing. They and Lars all hear Carmel screaming for help.

Frances and Tony convince Masha to calm Carmel down.

The others are now locked in with Carmel. They smell smoke and are scared they're going to die. They all start talking about what they'll do if they make it out alive.

Zach tells his family it's time for them to stop grieving him and separate him from that day. This might help their family heal.

Zoe leads Masha to a snowy area of the forest. She sees Tatiana and they have an emotional reunion.

Yao lets the others out and says the near-death experience helps them realize what is important to them.  The police and Delilah arrive to question Masha and the guests. Everyone but Zoe sounds bitter. Zoe is grateful she saw Zach.

Everyone got a happy ending. Ben and Jessica now run Tranquillum House. Lars and Ray have a baby. Tony and Frances got a puppy. Carmel runs a group helping women to forgive themselves. Masha took a road trip, where she envisions Tatiana with her often.

Nine Perfect Strangers
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Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Zoe: Why didn’t you just tell us about your daughter?
Masha: It’s not acceptable for a therapist to be talking about her life.

8 days ago I didn’t even know you, and seven days ago, I met you and really disliked you, and today I think there’s a pretty good shot in the near future of me giving you my house key.