Masha and the Marconi's - Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1 Episode 6
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Frances dreams a tiny-sized Paul is taunting her. She flushes him down the toilet.

Lars dreams that he's being bullied by his homophobic classmates. Then he sees Masha comforting him and saying she hates bullies. She's influencing their dreams.

Masha is upping their dose, but they must follow the buddy system.

Carmel revealed a big secret. Her ex had an affair with Masha. She wanted to meet Masha so she could become like her and make her ex interested again.

Frances leaves mediation and goes to the garden area. She and Tony chat and share their first kiss. They chat about how they've evolved.

Jessica hallucinated that her nose got so ugly it fell off. Ben and Masha calmed her down.

The Marconi family saw Zach in the woods. He blamed Heather for his suicide, saying the asthma medication he was on caused depression and suicidal ideation. Heather swore she didn't know and had a breakdown.

Masha encourages Napoleon to talk to Heather, but he's not sure he can forgive her if she really caused it. He just wants his son back. Masha offers to arrange that by using the drugs again and letting them face the trauma and heal.

When Carmel compares her situation to Frances's, Frances confesses that she thinks Carmel is getting worse, not better.

Delilah says she and Yao need to leave if Masha is doing these types of treatments.

Masha has a memory of being with a young. We close this episode just as the girl is about to crash on her bike, and Masha looks traumatized by the memory.

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Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Carmel: OMG! Am I in trouble?
Masha: No, you’re not in trouble, unless you’re trying to kill me. Are you? Someone is sending me nasty threats.

Lars: Why? What’s about to happen?
Masha: For starters, you are about to happen. Your whole life has been about tearing down. You target the bullies and destroy them. The question is, have you ever nurtured anything?