Taking the Marconi's To the Past - Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1 Episode 7
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The episode begins with Masha remembering the bike accident. Masha looks shaken, and Carmel appears and starts attacking her. She thinks Masha stole her husband and her kids.

Yao restrains Carmel and gives her a sedative and then tends to Masha's face.

The Marconi family must decide whether they want more drugs to communicate with Zach. Zoe isn't happy about the idea, but Masha says she's the key for it to work.

The group discusses what happened to Carmel and how the drugs are affecting them. Tony suggests to Frances they get a dog and fix up a house together.

Frances is terrified that the only reason Tony likes her is the drugs. She remembers being fearless as a kid and wishes she could be like that again. She's afraid to make a mistake in love again and thinks she and Tony have too much damage.

Lars confronts Masha about her treatment for the Marconi's. He suspects that's what killed Mr. Connolly, and that she wants to contact someone she misses.

Masha and Frances bond over loss, regrets, and wanting to change things. Masha tells Frances about her daughter's bike accident.

Delilah is fed up and when Yao won't join her, she takes her truck and smashes it through the gate to leave.

Masha finds Carmel packing to leave, and she tries to convince her to stay. Carmel says it's not safe for her to be around Masha. Masha has another memory and looks terrified.

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Nine Perfect Strangers Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

This is real. I want to wake up with you every morning, fall asleep beside you every night. I want to know you. All of you.


It’s enough that you stole him, you stole my kids too! Did you make them call you mom? I am their mother! I am their mother!