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On this week's installment:

- Stephanie and Jim celebrate their anniversary, while George has a romantic night with Amanda when a crime interrupts both nights. Jim runs off to help but loses his powers. He wakes up the next morning to find his powers back temporarily, but Stephanie takes a saliva sample just in case. They fade again and Jim has a breakdown. Jim’s powers become unpredictable. Katie finds out that Jim was allergic to Stephanie’s lipgloss.

- At school, Daphne uses her powers to land a date with Brett. Daphne begs JJ to come along on her date, but he refuses. Daphne accidentally orders dancing live fish. Brett is going to break up with his girlfriend for Daphne, so Daphne tells him that she’s been lying.

- JJ gets caught hacking into the school system through his teachers computer, and Jim goes to school the next day to talk to the teacher. An accident with the criminal from the night before smashes into JJ’s teacher. Mr. Litchfield is in critical condition. JJ feels responsible for the crash, and researches how to help his teacher and Stephanie is the only one fast enough to perform the surgery. Stephanie and JJ perform the surgery, have complications, but eventually successfully perform the surgery. JJ goes to check on Mr. Litchfield and he is in better spirits.

- Dr. King calls his super assistant and tells him to make sure he’s got his eye on Stephanie and her family. He asks out Katie again, and they go on a date and bond. They kiss and agree to see each other again. Dr. King injects powers to find out more about Stephanie. Katie figures out that Jim’s DNA is made up of kryptonite.

- Jim tries to catch the criminals and gets shot, but then suddenly regains his powers and catches the criminals.

No Ordinary Family
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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

George: You know it could be performance problems.
Stephanie: The only thing ruining his performance is you.

What's it gonna be man? Nookie or the crookie?