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This week on No Ordinary Family...

- Jim is picking up flowers for his and Stephanie’s 18th anniversary when they spot a building on fire. Jim saves a little boy by walking through fire and goes home to tell Stephanie. Meanwhile, Stephanie argues with Daphne about whether they need a nanny for when the parents go away for their anniversary.

- At school, JJ volunteers his house for a poker game and agrees to split his money 50/50 with Daphne. While leaving for their anniversary getaway, George calls Jim about a serial arsonist. The arsonist lights fire with his bare hands.

- Frances tells Dr. King about how Stephanie excludes him from her research. Dr. King plays innocent and tells France to spy on Stephanie. Stephanie and her lab partner, Frances have a confrontation.

- Katie talks to Stephanie about Will at work, and how vague he is. That night, Katie and Will have a date, when Stephanie asks Katie to stop by the house and check on the kids. Will walks around the house and peeks at Stephanie’s drawers. His mind is unreadable to Daphne. 

- Stephanie and Jim are on their anniversary date when they solve a crime as a couple. Jim brings Stephanie to the “lair”, and she loves fighting crime. She starts helping George and Jim and they catch the arsonist who is another one of Dr. Kings superhuman creations. Jim feels guilty for killing him.

- Dr. King meets with Will and refuses to give him his dose of super-powers. He tells him that he is cutting off his supply just until he knows what it’s like to be normal again.

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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Who would have thought the key to a marriage was a plane crash and superpowers.


I can't believe you and Stephanie have been married for 18 years. That's a long time. It's like your marriage is old enough to vote... and have sex.