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This week, on No Ordinary Family:

- Jim's brother arrives in the middle of the night, and has a boys night with George and Jim when he gets jumped. Jim gets hit by a car and thrown off a building and Mike witnesses it. The family lets him in on their powers, and he thinks they’re wasting them.

- George finds out that a loan shark is the one who jumped Mike. Mike shows up at JJ’s school to get him to help him when betting at the track to win his money back.

- Katie confronts Josh about the diary, and he uses his powers to change the material in the book. Katie gets promoted to her own lab in Miami, and Stephanie confronts Dr. King about Katie’s relocation. Dr. King and the head of H.R tell Katie that Stephanie didn’t want her being promoted, and make Stephanie feel guilty for not wanted to let her go.

- Josh confronts Dr. King about sending Katie away, and tells him he doesn’t need his powers and is going to follow Katie to Miami. Dr. King sets up someone to try to kill Katie. Because of the near-death accident, Katie decides to stay with Stephanie.

- As student body president, Daphne gets placed on the peer disciplinary committee and easily uses her mind to tell if the students are lying about committing the wrongdoings. 

- Jim and Mike fight Mikes present debt and about their past, and Mike not being there when their father had a heart attack. Jim tells Mike he needed him. Jim finds out that Mike is expecting a child, just as the loan shark threatens his life unless Jim comes up with $150,000 dollars in 24 hours. Jim and Mike take on the loan shark and get him locked up.

- Jim and Mike make amends.

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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Humans are the only species that insist on monogamy. Go to the zoo, check out the monkeys, it's like boogey nights in there.


It's kind of in Miami, which according to your speed would only take you 7.5 minutes to get to. So we can still have lunch together everyday!