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This week on No Ordinary Family:

- Daphne, J.J, and his girlfriend get detention. Everyone plays truth or dare and JJ wins back his girlfriend, who happens to be an orphan. Daphne also makes Chris convince his juvenile past. Daphne and Chris end up kissing.

- Katie calls Stephanie worried about Joshua, who is ill. Stephanie tells Katie to bring Joshua into the lab. Katie, Joshua and Stephanie get locked into the lab during lockdown, and Victoria takes over Katie’s body and tries to get Joshua back. Joshua injects himself with the serum in order to live and save Katie’s life.

- Joshua tells Katie about his past serum use and him using again. He shows Katie some of his powers and she agrees not to tell Stephanie and stay with him.

- Internal Affairs visits the police station in attempt to find a rogue cop when it’s taken hostage. George and Jim make a plan to take down the gunmen one on one. Everyone on the police force finds out that Jim is the hero and the person who keeps taking down the criminals.

No Ordinary Family
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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Katie: Victoria is the VP of Human Resources here.
Joshua: Human resources, that's interesting.

Stephanie: When's the last time we actually had dinner together?
J.J: 4PM Pacific Time New Years Eve.