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This week on No Ordinary Family...

- Stephanie and Jim have a heated conversation about Jim’s crime-fighting. He wants to use his powers to help people. Stephanie is worried about someone seeing Jim. Jim thinks they were given the gifts for a reason.

- Jim and George practice and George hits Jim with his car. Jim is OK.

- Meanwhile, Stephanie and Katie talk about Stephanie’s aversion to his crime-fighting. They send tests of the waters of the plane crash sighting to see if they can find some answers.

- J.J hits the library, where Daphne hears him reciting Advanced Trig. J.J tells Daphne about his “super brain”. J.J loves that Stephanie and Jim are proud of him and Daphne promises to keep his secret from their parents.

- While an inside source is at the bank, Stephanie’s boss, Dr. King. calls him to get an update.

- Stephanie is at a meeting, and needs to race to work since Dr. King is there. While running, she trips over a bike and gets injured. Her cuts heal quickly due to her fast metabolism.

- Jim agrees that they won’t use their powers again until they know what they mean and understand them.

- J.J’s teacher accuses him of cheating, even though he explains everything he’s done to the teacher. The teacher insists on talking to his parents.

- Stephanie and Katie talk about the results that got mixed up with another S. Powell, so Stephanie runs to Flagstaff to pick up the results. When she gets back her and Jim fight again because she used her powers when he stopped. He tells her that the damage she could have done to her body could be severe.

- Jim gets a call from J.J’s teacher, and Jim talks to him about wanting to feel special. J.J feels bad that his father assumed he cheated since he’s too stupid to do the work he turned in.

- Jim and Stephanie decide to have family time no act like an ordinary family at the school fair. Jim invited George, who declined and took the sketch of the super human that Jim saw.

- Dr. King's wingman goes to the police station to see if the officer who was at the crime scene saw anything unusual, because at the direction of Dr. King, he is to kill whoever saw anything superhuman.

- At the school fair, J.J uses his powers when Daphne reminds him to keep things on the download. Daphne gets extremely overwhelmed and Stephanie takes her to the top of the ferris wheel to take away the thoughts of others. Stephanie works with her to learn how to just hear the thoughts of one person at a time. (a little unrealistic) Jim uses his powers at the fair to dunk the family that harasses him about not doing anything for the family.

- At the bank, George hands out the sketch of the man working with Dr. King. There’s a bank robbery at the bank, and George calls Jim to let him know he’s in the bank that’s getting robbed. Stephanie tells him to go ahead and use his powers. Jim saved George and takes off.

- The sheriff sees Jim run for the crime scene and shows up at his house. He shows her his powers. She tells him he’s dangerous and if he shows up at another scene she’s taking him in. He tells her she needs him and cant catch the people without him.

- Jim tells J.J that he knows he isn’t lying. J.J keeps his knowledge power. Stephanie thinks that the powers give Jim something that the marriage doesn’t. Stepahnie doesn’t trust what’s happened to them, and when she finds a cure she will make him give it up.

- Daphne goes to school and practices concentrating on one person’s brain at a time. J.J’s teacher continues to call him a cheater.

- The water tests come back and it’s regular water. They aren’t sure how the powers came to be if it wasn’t the water from the crash site.

- The powered man goes to the detective’s house and uses his powers to kill her. She tells him nobody else knows about the powers, so he thinks the truth is safe now.

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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

What are you doing? I heard you. You're like... thinking!

Daphne [to JJ]

Nobody ever saw what superman's first day on the job looked like.