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On this week's installment...

- Stephanie and Jim decorate for a surprise party for George using their powers while George is at defending at court for an extortion case against a man named Luca, an Italian mobster. George shows up with his friend, Amanda and Stephanie tells George she wants to be with him. After his party, George brings Amanda home and they kiss goodnight and decide they might start dating. On her way inside, Amanda gets shot, but survives. Jim meets George at the hospital and George tells him about Luca.

- Dr. King phones his partner and tells him to find out if there is anyone else with abilities. His partner tells him he’s still looking. Dr. King than brings in Stephanie to talk about the doctors research that she is looking into. He tells her to stay away from Dr. Fultons research if she values her own. Katie digs in deeper and finds out that Dr. King is a liar.

- Stephanie runs to Mexico, the last location of Dr. Fulton and meets with his wife. His wife tells Stephanie he was fired from Globaltech for bringing home the research that made both Fulton and his wife have temporary powers. Stephanie tells Jim about her visit to Mexico and the abilities, and how the could possibly be killing them. Fultons wife was a front, and Dr King promises her that she will receive her payment for reciting the script he provided.

- During a crime Luca is committing, Jim drops in against George’s advice and calls the cops after hurting Luca, who sees his face. Jim tells Stephanie he’s worried about someone identifying him. George interrogates Luca, who says that he saw someone’s face, who he thinks is an undercover super cop. Luca tries to Jim as extortion to get his case dropped, but George gets Luca to testify against his boss. Lucas boss is a superhuman, and kills him via heart attack with single look. Jim realizes that everyone who finds out about his powers ends up dead.

- Daphne uses her powers to get closer to Brett, a boy at school. Daphne uses JJ to get closer to Brett by bringing him on her date so she can seem smart and into art. The great date ends with a kiss. The next day at school, Stephanie sees Brett kissing his girlfriend. Brett shows up at Daphne’s house to apologize.

- Stephanie recruits Katie to tutor JJ, but JJ instead knows more than Katie and her computer. Katie tells JJ about her dating problems and JJ tries to find her the perfect guy. JJ ends up creating a fake profile, chats with Katie online while she’s at work, and says yes to a date. The superhuman shows up to the date, under the instruction of Dr. King telling him to get close to Stephanie and her family before he has to kill her himself.

No Ordinary Family
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OK, work might not be the only reason I'm single.


I'm practicing my stunned expression as we speak.