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A boy was hit by a stray bullet that ricocheted off of Jim, leaving Jim feeling guilty. He wanted to use Stephanie's serum to help the boy, but Stephanie discouraged "playing God." Neither were unaware their conversation was being overheard.
Joshua proposed to Katie, and Stephanie throws an engagement party. Dr. King came to the party, and announced his support for the couple. 
After the party Stephanie discovered someone stole the serum and sets out to investigate each of the guests, starting with Joshua, who denied it.
Daphne invited Chris to the party, but discovered during a touch the next day that Chris overheard Jim and Stephanie talking at the party and stole the serum to give to his dad, Roy, who becomes stronger than Jim. When he started to lose the abilities, he went to get more serum from Stephanie.
George explained to Jim that to beat Roy, he just needed to get Roy to expend more energy by ducking his punches and then he can take Roy down.
Mr. Litchfield asked J.J. to join the Academic Decathalon, and he declined, causing Litchfield to blackmail him by suggesting he will help Natalie with the scholarship if J.J. joins the team. Turns out Litchfield is working for King.
Stephanie administered the antidote serum to Joshua, but he still had his abilities. 
Dr. King told Stephanie that Joshua has the abilities to erase memories, which Stephanie realizes is what happened to Daphne. Katie returned the ring and told Joshua to stay out of her life.
The boy who was hit by the bullet was found to have a tumor that wouldn't have been found had he not had surgery.
No Ordinary Family
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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

I don't know why I thought you could turn me into something I've never been. Normal.


I'm worried about you man. You haven't looked this bad since my bachelor party. My second one.