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On the series premiere...

- We meet the Powells. Jim is trying to talk them into going to Brazil on vacation. Telling them it’s important to do things as a family.

- Plane crashes and there’s flashbacks of the family that slowly fell apart. Stephanie at work, Daphne with her phone and the JJ playing video games in his own world.

- The family gets up and the Stephanie gets right back to work. Jim is disappointed that the family didn’t get closer.

- Jim goes batting with his friends and talks about the family, then heads back to work at the police department as a sketch artist when there is a criminal who starts a shooting. Jim grabs the bullet before it can hurt anyone.

- Daphne gets to school and sees someone flirting with her boyfriend and stops her.

- While Stephanie is at work being a super-scientist, Jim is at the batting cages catching 90mph balls. He sets it to 145 mph and is still able to catch it. Stephanie’s research gets funded by the board, and needs to go meet with them after work, leaving her not able to make date night. Jim is fine with this, exhilarated with his new powers.

- On her way to meet the chairman, Stephanie discovers her speed strength, and basically flies down the highway, faster than the speed of light.

- Jim and his friend George (a lawyer) test out his new strength with him trying to fly. He can’t fly, but can jump, and finds he’s indestructible.

- Stephanie shares her powers with her lab tech, Katie. Katie tests her, and Stephanie finds she goes up past 800mph. Her metabolic rate is abnormally fast and she makes it home to help JJ with his homework within a second.

- Since Stephanie has the time now, Jim and her find intimacy after losing connection with each other for so long. They discuss their distance and how each seems happier. Jim tells Stephanie about their son’s learning disability and their daughter's fear of losing her boyfriend to a slut.

- Jim tries out his powers during a crime taking place. He catches the criminals, but gets shot. He recovers almost immediately. Recovering at home, Jim and Stephanie share their new powers.

- Daphne calls her parents and Stephanie shows up to talk to her. Daphne finds out that she can read minds while playing basketball, and freaks out, naturally. Daphne flips out on the family during an evening meeting, saying that the family isn’t broken, the parents are. The parents agree that it’s true.

- Jim tries to get ahead at work, is denied, and follows along on a case anyway.

- Daphne goes to her boyfriend's house and in hearing her boyfriend's thoughts, finds out that he’s sleeping with her best friend, and leaves devastated. Daphne talks to her mother about it, and her, her brother and mother decide to stay a family.

- Jim is off trying to fight crime, when he meets someone who also has powers.

- Stephanie asks Jim to stop trying to fight crime, and let them reconnect and he agrees. However, George has set Jim up with a hero's lair... that has wi-fi!

- The next day at school, JJ is taking a test and discovers his new powers of extreme intelligence.

- The episode ends with Stephanie and Jim in couple therapy, and Stephanie’s boss finding the man with superpowers dead, and telling his co-worker to find who knows about his powers and kill this individual. That's Jim, of course.

No Ordinary Family
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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Stephanie: Who are you texting now?
Daphne: God.

I don't know why you guys can't go without me and just photo shop me in.