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Evie and Xavier are in a state of bliss, until they argue over Jesse living in the house with them. Jesse is on the run but he wants to spend time with his cousin before the end of the world. Evie on the other hand is worried that it will be dangerous, and even wonders if she should report it.

Hank notices that Evie and Xavier are having issues, clueing in Timothy so he could try to win her back. His attempts don't go well but Timothy has enough faith to call Hank in to help. They go shopping and even pierce his ear to make him more like the guy Evie might like.

Deirdre has Evie focused on connecting her and Hank, which has some hilarious results. 

Evie's job at the warehouse ends up in danger, with outside executives wanting to hear each person make their case for why they belong. Evie is worried she won't be able to keep her job if she has to fight for it, so Xavier offers to help and that way she could spend more time with Jesse. This becomes a disaster when Evie breaks his nose, but that somehow brings them closer together. 

The group crosses off another thing on Xavier's list and Evie finds out more about Xavier's past. Jesse is almost caught by the police causing another fight between the couple because Evie doesn't want Xavier to put himself in danger.

Mary Anne on the other hand is focused on helping their dad win Salesperson Of The Year, a position he could never get because of his successful coworker. 


No Tomorrow
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