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Evie and Xavier are a happy couple, until Evie comes over to another girl in his house. Xavier says he wants her approval to sleep with other people, while still being together. Evie isn't happy with being another girl on Xavier's list.

Kareema suggests for them to have a threesome, that way Evie feels more comfortable. It doesn't work out the way they planned but it helps Evie try online dating, ending with a mud wrestling session with Kareema. 

These new experiences push Evie to agree that maybe there is something about open relationships that she could be interested in trying, which puts a stop to Xavier's plan to tell her how he really feels about her.

Timothy and Hank push the other to get out of their safe zones. Hank wants Timothy to try talking to women again, while Timothy tells him to work on the training that he's talked about but never achieved. This ends with Hank asking for help from a Russian coworker.

Hank starts to carry boxes at work to develop some sort of training technique and Timothy tries to flirt with women but fails on his own. Luckily he runs into Xavier, not knowing that he's the guy Evie left him for. The two bond and go to a Blood Moon party that helps Timothy approach women on his own and he even finds one at the end.

Deirdre enlists Evie for more help with Hank, but her advice to be gentle turns things even weirder. Luckily she ends up winning him over a little bit more when she thinks more about what he would like, an obstacle course.

No Tomorrow
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