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Evie is overworked, doing her old job and the new job at Cyberhugs. She doesn't even have enough time to see Xavier, who takes it upon himself to get a job at Cybermart.

Xavier notices how hard everyone is working and when he gets them to complete their jobs early so they could then relax, Deirdre doubles their workload. This inspires Xavier to start a strike, one that ends with Evie demanding that Deirdre and a warehouse worker switch jobs to see what each one is going through.

Deirdre agrees to their demands and the warehouse workers get back to work in return.

Meanwhile Timothy is recruited to find new stories that could go viral after his presentation video made him popular. Timothy finds that in the Cybermart strike, where Xavier helps him get enough views to continue gaining interest from the organization.

Deirdre and Hank have to deal with their relationship going public. At first things aren't that bad but when the strike starts, Deirdre puts Hank in an uncomfortable position. Hank has to spy for Deirdre and when he chooses his coworkers over her, she promotes him to Evie's job and dumps him.

Kareema and Sofia are still hooking up secretly, with them both holding off on telling anyone until Sofia gets her greencard. Kareema's brother finds out that Sofia is interested in someone else and breaks off their deal. Kareema gets some advice from Evie to help Sofia stay in the country and proposes that they get married instead.

No Tomorrow
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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

There's a black market for everything.


It is important that we're CyberMart official.