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Kareema realizes that INS might look into her work evaluations, something that might not come across very well. She decides to change her work ethic by helping customers more and being nicer. Turns out she was a wonderful employee because she kept the call time low and less money was wasted when Kareema didn't try to help the customers. 

Evie confronts Xavier about what she found out, and he blows off her concerns. Xavier doesn't think they should worry about what happened in the past, something that Evie just can't put past her.

This leads Evie back to Timothy, which is how they end up spending more time together. They end up on their favorite grocery game show and by the end of the night are kissing.

Xavier reflects on what happened between him and Evie, choosing to reconnect with his father. At first he does it for Evie, but slowly he understands that he needed it too. Things don't go well when his father's other family comes up, but it's after his father's wife visits, that Xavier sees how much his father loved his mother. 

Deirdre gets sick and enlists Hank's help in getting better, which backfires very quickly. Hank ends up dealing with an inspection for her, and the two grow closer until he rememebers that she is engaged to be married to someone else. 

No Tomorrow
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