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Evie tells Xavier that she slept with Timothy and that she needs more time to decide what she wants. Xavier bows out early on because he wants to focus on his apocalypse list. That works for a while, but soon his newly returned cousin leaves with a girl and Xavier starts to miss Evie.

Xavier crashes a Timothy/Evie date and a piano duel for her love turns sour when Evie leaves upset. Both Timothy and Xavier reach different conclusions. Timothy says he wants to wait until the asteroid doesn't hit to finally be with Evie, while Xavier wants to prove that it won't happen so he can plan a future with Evie.

Evie juggles trying to choose what to do and on getting her grandfather another driving test. He failed the first one and the instructor doesn't want to give him another chance. She finds a way around it, renting a track where her grandfather can drive and not worry about hurting anyone.

Kareema is just about to get married to Sofia but stops the wedding because she wants her brother there. The two have a pillow fight to break the ice and he wishes her luck. When Deirdre and Pete's wedding doesn't actually happen, Kareema and Sofia get married instead.

Deirdre starts to get stressed out over planning her wedding so Pete promises to handle everything. Instead, he asks Deirdre's assistant to handle things, something that Hank overhears. He ends up helping Daphne with the wedding details, while also trying to figure out who he will choose to stay in a post apocalyptic bunker with him.

Pete and Deirdre both decided that they don't want to get married to one another, and Hank gives Deirdre his bunker key afterwards. 

No Tomorrow
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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Evie: I kissed Timothy.
Xavier: On purpose?

This bitch is getting hitched.