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Evie works in in a warehouse at a cubicle, always trying to work hard even if the other workers don't care. She accidentally runs into the man of her dreams at a farmer market, only getting his name. 

Yet somehow she comes home to a package for Xavier and Evie decides to deliver it personally to see if it's her dream guy. They meet and hang out, until Xavier reveals that he thinks the apocalypse is coming. Evie doesn't believe him but Xavier promises that he has proof after reading about it online and doing the math.

Xavier opens Evie's mind to the possibility of this actually happening, and he even shares his bucket list with her. 

While Evie tries to figure out what to do, her ex Timothy shows up at a family event and proposes. Evie asks for some time to think, because his promise of a long life goes against the apocalypse that she might be starting to believe in. 

Evie's family tries to convince her that at 30 she needs to get married and have kids or else nothing good will come out of her life. This pushes Evie in the other direction until Xavier shows up on her porch offering once again to do something off his bucket list. They end up riding in a dune buggy through the dessert, ending the night with sex. 

The next morning Evie and Xavier make plans to see each other again that night. At the bar she ends up winning the lottery, which turns into her singing in front of everyone. Hank arrives to show Evie an email that she sent to her boss saying she quits that Xavier sent behind her back. Evie calls Timothy and they figure out how to get her job back. 

Evie ends up in the hospital where she finds out she has an issue with her heart that makes it beat too fast and requires surgery.

The surgery makes Evie decide that she will make her own list and even goes to Xavier to say she wants to continue completing them together. 


No Tomorrow
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It's like you live in a Sky Mall catalogue.


That's my carpe diem beer.