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The insanity in Christmasland continues as everyone tries to escape. 

Lou and Tabitha start smashing the ornaments. 

Wayne comes through with Vic and she goes back to get Maggie, who has lost her tiles. 

Vic fights off Charlie but he chases her and Maggie through the inscape, but Vic channels the bats. 

They make him fall through the wood. 

A month later, Wayne is acting out and keeps going to the location of Christmasland. 

He meets with Millie and they both say they want to go back. 

Millie murders a young couple. 

Things take an explosive turn when Maggie says she wants to continue to meet creatives.

This does not go down well with Vic, who wants a stress-free life. 

Maggie is all alone and and wants to check out supernatural.

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NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Maggie: I can't find my tiles.
Vic: Just leave them.

Maggie: Tabitha?
Tabitha: Take care of yourself, Maggie.