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Charlie opens up about his past when Bing tries to kill him. 

Charlie details his mother being a prostitute, his sexual assault and subsequent murder of them both. 

Charlie says he created Christmasland to keep children safe from terrible parents. 

This proves to be too much for Bing to understand. 

Bing decides to kill them both by crushing the wraith with them inside. 

Charlie mind controls Wayne to get the upper hand. 

Wayne saves Charlie and Charlie fixes the Wraith before stabbing Bing. 

Bing is left to bleed out. 

Millie continues to chat with her mother, who introduces her to Charlie's memories that are trapped in the house. 

Millie starts to wonder what her life could be like if she takes Charlie down. 

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NOS4A2 Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Mom: Millie?
Millie: The lights are blinking again. I think you know why.

Kid: It's happening again.
Millie: I know that.