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Jackie was faced with two main cases on this episode:

First, there was the older man who had a stroke. His fighting family didn't seem to grasp how serious the situation was, arguing in front of the patient and even yelling at him to respond. Fortunately, Jackie stepped in and helped the man communicate with his annoying wife. It's amazing how great a job she does with other families; yet how poor of a job she does with her own.

The other man storyline focuses on a woman with lupus, and her 10-year old daughter.

Jackie felt especially attached to this little girl because troubled Grace is also 10. The daughter is clearly in over her head, acting as the main caregiver for her mother, yet doing a great job. Jackie does everything she can to assist the girl, who is named Stephanie. She scores some pills for her, she helps her study for a spelling test and she gives Stephanie her cell phone number.

At the end of the episode, Stephanie uses it and Jackie explains to her how to medicate the mother.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Akalitus tasers herself and continues to be misused in the show. Each random attempt at comedy the series used this character for often feel misguided and simply out of place. Do you agree?

Other developments in the half hour included: Thor continuing to crush on Mo; and Zoey go to dinner (hilariously) with Dr. O'Hara. Also, much to Jackie's chagrin, Coop bonded with Eddie throughout the episode. These two love birds never even got a chance to have sex in Eddie's office.

How tragic.

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Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Zoey: I can't believe she took the money!
Jackie: Yeah, but bullshit like that comes in all the time, clogs up the waiting room, slows everybody down. Wasn't even my 20, I got it off a dead guy in the morgue. (Zoey looks at her) Just kidding, Zoey, just kidding.

Taser? Been there, sister. 15 minutes and you're good as new.