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Zoey gives a patient the wrong dosage on this episode, sending him into a coma and her into big trouble.

We'll have to wait until next week to see what happens with this hilarious character. As for the rest of this week's episode:

Fitch actually dumps his girlfriend because he has feelings for Jackie. In a funny scene, he brings her flowers and gum and tries to make his movie, but Jackie is certainly having none of it. She makes it clear that she isn't interested, but Fitch doesn't seem to get the message.

We also learn a bit more about Dr. O'Hara, as Jackie cracks a joke about how her mom left her on O'Hara's 25th birthday - for O'Hara's boyfriend at the time! Ouch.

The main focus of the episode, though, was Eddie. He's officially replaced by a Pill-O-Matix (though Mrs. Akelitus is trying to find him a new job) and both he and Jackie must adjust to the change in their relationship.

After they have one final sexual romp in the pharmacy room, we see Jackie go home to her family. She kisses her kids and hugs her husband at the bar he owns... when all of a sudden, the camera pans away and we see Eddie peering in the window. It's sort of a random way for the show to out Jackie's marriage, as there was no clear reason as to why Eddie would have followed her home (in literally the previous scene, they had sex).

Still, the secret is out now. Jackei is married. It's been an extra bad day for Eddie. We're excited to see what happens next.

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