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We start this episode with Jackie and Grace in dance class, trying to bond. It seems to work well.

But when Jackie goes to work, all Hell breaks loose.

O'Hara offers has an apology for their little spat last week, and also offers Jackie some keen advice: her wedding ring is still on. When Jackie sees Eddie, she's able to hide it briefly, but then she's unable to get it off. Soap doesn't help, neither does numbing her finger.

As a result, Jackie gets truly desperate: she has O'Hara actually saw off her wedding ring.

Later in the episode, as Eddie is hiding out in his back room because they are replacing him with a pill-producing machine, Jackie pays him a visit and the pair totally get it on... and then Zoey walks in! Her reaction, as you'd expect, is hilarious. She seeks Jackie out later on and says she and Eddie are adorable; but Jackie, of course, doesn't wanna talk about it.

She does, though, wanna have it out with Fitch. The doctor got pissed at Jackie for falsifying donor documents in his name, so she needn't t find a way to placate him. A speech, and a peck on the lips, seemed to do the job. Jackie told Fitch that they had to trust each other and when he grabbed her boob out of nervousness, she let his hand linger. She then kissed him softly on the lips, presumably to really confuse him and get him to forget about that pesky false document. It worked.

At the end of the episode, Jackie broke her own finger with a hammer in order to make an excuse for the sawed off ring to her husband. It's safe to say she's very much losing it at this point.

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Nurse Jackie Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Mo-mo: What's up with O'Hara?
Jackie: Who knows.
Mo-mo: Usually she says hello.
Jackie: No, she only says hello when she's bored. Or when she's wearing something new and she wants someone to notice.
Mo-mo: God, you're right. Those Chanel pumps are hot though.
Jackie: I know she has taste. Doesn't mean she has manners.

Zoey: You and Eddie are really cute together.
Jackie: I am not afraid to kill you in front of a priest.