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On this episode of Nurse Jackie, Zoey deals with her first patient death. Left along with an elderly woman, Zoey follows her orders and does not resuscitate when the lady codes. The adorable nurse is clearly bothered by this incident, but Jackie is understanding and helps her prepare the woman for burial.

Meanwhile, stoic Dr. O'Hara canno't escape a boy who wants to thank her for saving his twin brother's life. We have a feeling that there's more to be learned about Dr. O'Hara and why she seems to be so uncaring. Perhaps she lost loved one once and has now turned off all emotion to deal with it.

Anyway, the major storyline in this installment was the trouble with Nancy and Kevin's daughter, Grace. Called in by her teacher and the school nurse, Jackie is told that Grace has some sort of anxiety disorder. She circles her desk three times before sitting down everyday because she's afraid "planes will fall from the sky" if she does not; and she doesn't ever draw trees or a sun in her pictures.

While Jackie initially scoffs at the notion that these are symptoms of any significant issue, the starts to come around near the end of the episode. Staring at the drawing made by the aforementioned boy for Dr. O'Hara, Jackie sees a big, bright sun on top of it. Comparing it to Grace's, it's clear that her daughter isn't happy.

Will Jackie and Kevin send Grace to a private school? That's one possible solution.

Also, when will Eddie learn that Jackie is married? When he texts her that he's "so horny," Jackie goes ahead and buys a new phone. She now has one for her husband and one for her lover. That's not a sign of trouble at all!

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