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Jackie ended up back together with Eddie by the end of this episode, going on a date to the movies. How did she end up there?

By being irrationally upset over learning that Kevin took the kids to the same movie, Alice in Wonderland, a few days before. Also joining them? Grace's friend and Grace's friend's mother, who Kevin formerly dated and who Jackie thinks still wants her husband.

Also negatively affecting Jackie's confidence and security? An old patient at the hospital was neglected by her caregiver. It's clear Jackie is afraid of ending up alone. She's also simply in need of drugs, as Akalitus actually stationed a security guard by the pill dispenser.

Jackie must now resort to using other staff members' codes to get her drugs.

In other storyline news:

- Zoey tells Lenny that she may be pregnant. He's not the father, it turns out. That would be some dude in Staten Island, the brother of a guy Zoey actually likes.

- To increase the hospital's exposure, Akalitus asks Coop to star as the new spokesperson. He takes this like only Coop can. Funny stuff.

- We learn that O'Hara has a girlfriend! Or had a girlfriend. She's a television news correspondent and will soon be stationed in the States after spending time abroad.


Nurse Jackie
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Nurse Jackie Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

You shouldn't be sleeping on the couch.

Grace [to Jackie]

Kevin: Seriously, Jackie, you're nuts.
Jackie: Seriously, Kevin, you're mine.