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On this week's episode...

... the fancy pill machine breaks down, causing Akalitus to consider bringing back Eddie. Jackie voices her displeasure, but it seems likely this will take place.

... Coop grabs Zoey's breat during a nervous reaction, causing Lenny to come to her rescue and punch him in the nose. Funny stuff.

... Jackie has a high bill from the multiple pharmicies from which she's taken pills. As a result, she lies and says Kevin granted permission for O'Hara to give the family money for the kids' schooling. But Jackie has O'Hara just cut a big check to her.

... Grace really starts to lose it. The episode ends with her locked in the bathroom. When Kevin and Jackie finally break in, they see their daughter her cut off some of her hair.

Nurse Jackie
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Nurse Jackie Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

If I believed in crying at work, I'd be tearing up. I'm thrilled!


I'm like a shark, man. If I'm not moving, I'm dying.