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This week, on Nurse Jackie...

- Coop sleeps with Sam's girlfriend, while the nurse complains to Eddie that his woman might be stepping out on him.

- Jackie gets a bad surprise first thing in the morning: the man whose life she saved, and whose pills she stole last week, shows up at the the hospital. Jackie immediately asks Zoey to cover for her and calls Kevin to pick her up so they can learn early on their family vacation to the country.

The man has flowers and tells Akalitus he's looking for Jackie and wants to donate money to the hospital.

- On the aforementioned vacation, Jackie loses her pills. She goes into sweats and is clearly not herself. But she's at least able to convince Kevin to return home after the family is stuck in a bed and breakfast. But on the drive back, Fiona calls O'Hara (who has been trying to reach Jackie in order to discuss her misleading MRI). O'Hara asks Fiona about her "new school," which forces Jackie to admit to Kevin that she took her friend's money.

At this news, Kevin simply stops the car and gets out. Dude is PISSED as the episode ends.

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