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After Jackie actually gulped down all of Grace's anxiety medication this week, O'Hara came up with a way to hopefully help her friend: she offered to prescribe all the medication Jackie would need in order to get clean.


- Zoey celebrated Nurse's Appreciation Week, although few attended her party and Lenny didn't even know why she threw it. This helped Zoey be intrigued when a NYPD officer stopped by with flowers for her.

- Akalitus learned that Michelle Obama would not be visiting the hospital, so she took it upon herself to teach kids good health.

- Coop asked Eddie to be his Best Man and admitted he gets lonely. He wants to settle down, even though he knows his wedding plans are crazy.

- Kevin asked Eddie about seeing Jackie everyday at work, not revealing why he had questions about his wife, but scaring Eddie into thinking he knew about his affair with Jackie.

- Kelly admitted to Jackie that he had a drug problem and he had never been to Haiti.

Nurse Jackie
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